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(6-12 year olds)

Below you will find simple and effective tips to help prevent cavities.

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Child Brushing Teeth

Brushing, Flossing &

* At this point children have had a lot of practice brushing but still need a level of supervision. It is important to remind them that when brushing, the key is to remove all food particles as well as any sugary or acidic liquid from their teeth. Please continue to be involved in this process. 

* Your child(ren) should brush their teeth with a Fluoride toothpaste. Finding the right flavor is very helpful if your child refuses to use toothpaste. The time recommended to effectively brush your teeth is 2 minutes. A musical fun timer that lasts 2 minutes will go a long way.  

* Encourage your child to floss once a day. The best time to floss is at night right before going to bed. It keeps food stuck between the teeth from being ingested by acid-producing bacteria at night when bacteria are known to multiply the most in a dark and cozy environment.  


* We highly recommend that your child use a fluoride mouthwash once a day. It is best to use it right before going to sleep for additional cavity prevention overnight. 


* Diets filled with healthy fruits and vegetables will help your child(ren) grow into healthy conscious individuals who care about their overall health. 


* Avoid purchasing sugary juices that are not 100% juice,

and acidic sports drinks that weaken the

enamel of the teeth, causing white spots to appear. 

* Getting your children to love drinking water is one of the best gifts you can give them. 

* Cavities are formed by the acid that is produced when bacteria in our mouths ingest the sugar that we leave in our mouths after every meal. We have to properly remove the foods/drinks from our teeth, twice a day, to prevent cavities.

Brushing Teeth
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Dental Visit

* At your child's dental visit, you can expect to be informed of findings obtained from an exam, x-rays, and a cleaning. Oral hygiene instructions will be reviewed with you and your child to make sure that cavities are prevented. 

* Sealants will be highly recommended from now on every time a new permanent molar comes into the mouth.

The sealant material is placed in the pits and grooves of

the teeth to keep cavities from forming in the chewing surfaces of the teeth. 

12th Birthday

* Most children lose all of their baby teeth and

get the second set of permanent molars by their

12th Birthday. By this age, they will have all of the permanent teeth in their mouth, with the exception of wisdom teeth if they are present. 

* Orthodontic treatment can be considered now that all baby teeth are no longer present. There are conditions that lead to early treatment with braces but the ideal scenario is starting treatment once all of the baby teeth fall out. 

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