Children CANNOT brush their teeth on their own until they have the manual dexterity to tie their shoelaces on their own.

AVOID introducing any type of SWEETS for as long as possible. Trust us, your child wont miss something he or she has never had.

SODA is extremely damaging to baby teeth. Do not allow your child to drink soda or drinks with high sugar and acid content. 



There are specific recommendations for each child based on his/her age but the following tips are very important no matter what your child's age is:


Cavities can ONLY be formed if SUGAR remains in the mouth for more than 24 hours. You MUST clean your child's teeth at LEAST 2 TIMES a day and MUST remove ALL food and drink (including Breast milk) residues from your child's teeth. 

Baby teeth are very important for eating, chewing, smiling, speech, esthetics, and to save space for the next set of teeth. Any cavities and infections of baby teeth can affect the next set of teeth. 

Cavities are formed when SUGAR is used by our natural oral bacteria and ACID is produced. ACID destroys tooth enamel and causes cavities. Remember this equation: Sugar + Oral Bacteria: Acid, Acid + Tooth Enamel: Cavity.


Preventing Cavities One Child at a time!