Eruption Patterns

Most children begin to lose baby teeth as early as 5 years of age and they usually lose the bottom front teeth first in a very interesting way. The permanent bottom teeth erupt behind the baby teeth and in most cases, push the baby teeth out as they move forward. Most parents get really concerned when they see this happen. Do not panic. Visit a dentist if you're concerned but do not panic. It is very common for this to happen. Grinding is also very common during this time. The cause is not clear but it may have to do with teeth development.



Brushing is recommended at least twice a day (every morning and every night) to remove everything your child drank and ate throughout the day. The key to preventing cavities is to make sure that no sugar remains in the mouth for more than 24 hours at a time. Sugar that remains past that will be used by our natural oral bacteria and will be converted to acid. Acid weakens the enamel and causes cavities. 



We highly recommend that you start flossing your child's teeth as soon as they are in contact. Cavities between teeth can be detected with x-rays and sometimes are visible in between front teeth. There are new flossers in the market that are kid friendly and make this process easier. The earlier you start flossing your child's teeth the better!



Kids (3-6 Years Old)

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