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(0-12 months)

Below you will find simple and effective tips to help prevent cavities.

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Cleaning Gums & Brushing

* Wipe your baby's gums, tongue, and cheeks, with a wet and clean gauze every morning and every night. This daily routine will become a lifetime habit for your baby.

* As soon as the first tooth breaks through the gums, continue to wipe your baby's teeth, and begin to brush them with an extra soft baby toothbrush. Use water or a baby toothpaste WITHOUT fluoride at this point.

* As teeth continue to erupt (come into the mouth), properly brush all the surfaces (front, back, sides, and top) of every tooth, twice a day, with an extra soft baby toothbrush and a baby toothpaste WITHOUT fluoride.

* Lift your baby's lips when brushing, cavities

can form close to the gum line. 



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* Teething happens when the baby's teeth are in the process of erupting (breaking through the gums). Your baby will eventually have 10 teeth in the top and 10 teeth in the bottom, starting with 2 in the middle of the bottom jaw. 


* When your baby starts teething, use a cold pacifier, a refrigerated teething toy, frozen fruits, cold baby foods, teething foods, natural teething products, or pain medication to help soothe the discomfort. 

* Cleaning and rubbing your baby's gums with a cold clean washcloth or a toothbrush will also help soothe the gums and keep the teeth clean. 

* When soothing your babies' teething, using a pacifier is always preferable than letting your babies suck their own fingers. Remember that you can get rid of a pacifier when it is time to let it go but not the fingers.

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* ANY TYPE OF MILK (Breast/Formula) can cause CAVITIES. Do not let your baby sleep with a bottle of milk or your breast in the mouth.

* Sippy cups with juice should be given during meal times.

Fill them halfway with water and halfway with juice. 

* Do not let your baby drink fruit juices, sodas, sweet teas, coffee, or any type of sugary drinks in the baby bottle. 

* Delay introducing any type of candy, chocolate,

junk food, during this period of time.

Ask family and friends to do the same. 

* Cavities are formed by the acid that is produced

when bacteria in our mouths ingest sugar that we

leave in our mouths after eating and drinking anything with sugar. Your baby's diet should have a limit in sugary

items to prevent cavities.


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First Birthdays!

* Most babies get their first tooth by or before their first birthday. If your baby has not, visit a general or

a pediatric dentist.

* Your baby's FIRST dental visit should be scheduled by the first birthday so that dental professionals can check your baby's teeth and inform you of everything you have to do to make sure your baby's oral health is on the right path.

Make an appointment today.


 *Contact your baby's pediatrician and dentist if you see any sign of disease such as white and/or red sores, velvety lesions, redness, swelling, and inexplicable bleeding.

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