Babies (1 month old - 1 year old)



Babies start teething around 4-5 months as their first set of teeth are getting ready to erupt. This process can be very uncomfortable and it's common to see babies drooling, chewing on solid objects, irritable, feverish, and with sore gums. The best ways to sooth your baby is by rubbing their gums with your clean fingers or with a cold washcloth; giving them a cool teething toy; or using over-the-counter or natural remedies (ex. Camilia).


First Tooth 

As soon as the 1st tooth erupts, use a clean cloth or a baby toothbrush to remove milk (including Breast milk), juice, and food off his or her teeth. Clean your baby's teeth at least twice a day. DO NOT WAIT until your baby has multiple teeth to start cleaning them. Teeth are susceptible to cavities as soon as they erupt. 



Use a baby toothbrush with soft bristles. A baby toothpaste is recommended. You can also use water only initially and gradually use a baby toothpaste. PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS A BABY TOOTHPASTE WITH NO FLUORIDE. You can begin using a Kids level toothpaste once your child can spit. Baby toothpaste is okay to swallow because it doesn't have fluoride. Swallowing too much fluoride is toxic and will affect the permanent developing teeth. 



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