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(13-18 year olds)

Below you will find simple and effective tips to help prevent cavities.

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Brushing, Flossing &

* Teenagers need the most encouragement and as many reminders as possible when it comes to brushing twice a day. It is important to remind them that when brushing, the key is to remove all food particles as well as any sugary or acidic liquid from all 5 surfaces of every single tooth. An electric toothbrush will be extremely helpful at this level. Please continue to be involved in this process. 

* Encourage your child to floss once a day. A waterpik (water flosser) is a great resource to purchase, specially if your child is wearing braces. The best time to floss is at night right before going to bed. It keeps food stuck between the teeth from being ingested by acid-producing bacteria at night when bacteria are known to multiply the most in a dark and cozy environment.  

* A fluoride mouthwash will help prevent cavities by strengthening the enamel (top layer of the teeth). We recommend rinsing every night, after brushing and flossing, and before going to sleep. 



* Diets filled with healthy fruits and vegetables will help your child(ren) grow into healthy conscious individuals who care about their overall health. 


* Sodas and acidic sports drinks are the most popular beverages amongst this age group. Unfortunately, these drinks cause the most enamel damage and lead to cavities in multiple surfaces of the teeth. Encourage your children to avoid or limit these types of drinks as much as possible. 

* Getting your children to love drinking water is one of the best gifts you can give them. 

* Cavities are formed by the acid that is produced when bacteria in our mouths ingest the sugar that we leave in our mouths after every meal. We have to properly remove the foods/drinks from our teeth, twice a day, to prevent cavities.

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Dental Visit

* Regular dental visits (every 6 months) are extremely important for teenagers because of the amount of sugary foods and drinks that they tend to consume.  Detecting cavities early will prevent major restorations and tooth loss. 

* Topics that may be discussed with you and your teenager during the dental visit are: 

Gingivitis/Periodontal Disease

Cavity Formation

Oral Hygiene Instructions



Wisdom teeth

18th Birthday

* By this age most humans have the entire set of teeth

that will be present for the rest of their lives. Taking care

of them now will lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles. 

* Wisdom teeth can cause pain when erupting specially if there don't have space. A referral to an Oral surgeon will be necessary at that point. 

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